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CEREC Bluecam

Easy operation, tried-and-tested Bluecam technology and rapid single image acquisition. Countless users worldwide use the CEREC AC and CEREC Bluecam on a daily basis. With the aid of the CEREC Bluecam you can scan powdered tooth surfaces in just a few seconds. This camera delivers outstanding precision and efficiency, and is particularly suitable for single-tooth restorations.

Automatic image capture

The CEREC Bluecam acquires a series of single images which are then computed with great precision in order to create a virtual 3D model. The camera automatically detects the right moment to trigger the exposure.

Shake-free images

The short capture time of the CEREC Bluecam prevents any blurring. In addition, the built-in shake detection system ensures that images are acquired only when the camera is held absolutely still. The CEREC software then automatically selects the optimum image data for the 3D model.

Outstanding depth of field

You can either place the CEREC Bluecam directly on the tooth with the aid of the camera support, or else capture the images leaving a small clearance between camera and tooth surface. In both cases the parallel light beam and the extensive depth of field ensure excellent image quality and ease of use.

Uninterruptible power supply (optional)

This allows you to temporarily transfer your CEREC AC to a second treatment room while milling is still in progress. You can then immediately start acquiring further digital impressions. Data can also not be lost during a brief power cut.

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