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CEREC Connect
Benefits of CEREC
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Digital impressions for practices and laboratories

Digital impressions have many advantages and one name: Sirona Connect. It is by far the most innovative and, at the same time, the most customized solution for all those who do not want to 'miss the boat' to the digital dental world of tomorrow. As a dentist, Sirona Connect gives you the choice between the three best intraoral scanners on the market. Absolutely in keeping with the needs of your practice. And as a dental technician, Sirona Connect means one thing above all for you: Flexibility. Thanks to the open data, you can process orders from the practice quickly, safely and efficiently.

Reach your goals faster with a digital workflow.

Compared to standard impressions, digital impressions offer you decisive advantages. Sirona Connect reduces the work carried out in the practice and laboratory which means you can focus on what really matters: the well-being of patients on the one hand and the precise quality of the restoration for first-class esthetics on the other.

This is how Sirona Connect works: