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Ceramic Systems, in conjunction with the Dental Training Institute, offer comprehensive training courses designed for all CEREC users to enhance their skills; making the most of their state-of-the-art equipment.

As the decision to invest in CEREC is a significant one, with vast financial and clinical benefits, new owners are very keen to discover the advanced nature of the software and make the most of the latest technology.

As a practicing CEREC dentist, I know that finding the time to continue your learning whilst delivering quality clinical results to your patients can be challenging. Introducing CEREC to patients and staff can add to that challenge. For many practices, the initial learning curve is overcome quickly but practices rarely continue to develop their skills. By embarking on a continued learning and development programme, additional benefits are to be gained for you, your practice and your patients.

Courses available

Introduction to CEREC Dentistry

The Introduction to CEREC Dentistry course is designed for new CEREC users, with an emphasis on the clinical aspects of CEREC dentistry. The modules cover the optimal preparation of teeth, taking the best optical impressions to ensure a perfect fit and the clinical aspects of designing the new restorations. The course also covers the finishing aspects of polishing and staining & glazing to create a beautiful and aesthetic result.

Advanced CEREC Dentistry

The Advanced CEREC Dentistry course is designed to provide delegates with the skills needed to use a variety of design techniques depending on the clinical situation in the mouth. Much of the course is hands-on scanning, designing and milling CEREC's on the CEREC Omnicam and MC X Mill Unit. The course starts with a re-fresher of smile design principles, record taking and treatment planning.Delegates will learn how to use wax-ups to trial smiles and then scan them in. They will also learn how and when to use different design techniques to deliver better results and increase efficiency, for single and multiple units, bridges & implant abutments.

CEREC Usage Guidance Training

Non clinical half day training for existing users, mornings only, at the practitioners premises for dentists & dental team members. During the guidance period, delegates will be shown how to calibrate the system, use the CEREC camera to take digital impressions, design restorations and mill sample units. The team members will be shown how to maintain and clean the system as well as change blocks etc.

Usage guidance will be completed using study models, as we are unable to either assist or treat patients or any other person in a clinical environment.

Vita Stainglaze (delivered at Panadent offices)

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