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The Innovation of Digital Impression

Perfect impressions with your patient 'in-view'

Ceramic Systems are the exclusive provider of the eyeCAD-connect in the UK.

eyeCAD-connect is the intelligent software for the Epson Moverio glasses. eyeCAD-connect, together with the interactive touchpad enables an efficiency increase of digital impressions.

eyeCAD-connect A

Efficient | Innovative | Ergonomic

  • Time saving through reduced monitor control
  • Immediate control allows improved digital imprint quality
  • Enhanced workflow creates added value

How does it work?

When creating digital impressions, a precise image display is imperative. Epson Moverio glasses deliver accurate and stable images with exceptional quality. The eyeCAD-connect App allows you to see the digital impression from your CAD-system on your glasses without reducing the field of vision to your patient.

eyeCAD-connect C

Easy installation for an innovative treatment

The eyeCAD-connect software is the perfect accompaniment for your CAD-system and Epsom glasses. Easily installed on both systems, it will allow you to see the digital impression on your glasses in real-time. Combined with the ergonomic benefits, this is the perfect addition to your workflow to allow you to pay more attention to your patient.

eyeCAD-connect C

For more information about this revolution in Implantology, please contact us on 01932 582900.