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CEREC MC Milling Machines

All the components of the CEREC system fit together perfectly from the acquisition of the digital impression to the milling of the final restoration.

The user-friendly CEREC SW 4.3, the fully automated milling process, the clinical benefits of all-ceramic materials, complete treatment in a single session as well as positive feedback from patients all these factors combine to maximize your job satisfaction. And if you decide to install the milling unit in your reception room, you will create a real talking point and focus of interest. Our three milling units, each with a different focus, make it even easier to find the right solution for your dental practice:

The similarities of the 3 CEREC milling units are that all of them deliver professional, long-lasting results in just a few minutes. They mill restorations with a textbook accuracy of 25 m. The clearly laid-out control panel and colored status lighting ensure optimum ease of use.

In-house milling is a cost-effective option

Did you know that you can mill a crown depending on the milling unit and program in just 8-18 minutes and incur production costs of only £25 circa.(This is the typical cost for a practice in Germany).

That means more time for your patients and more profit for your dental practice.